Continuous Improvement and Adjustment of Our Medical OEM Portfolio

OEM-Components: Sensors and Measurement Boards
For the control and measurement during the running of heart-lung machines

Starting Point
As a result of many inhouse as well as contract developments, em-tec has been able to build a portfolio consisting of sensors and measurement boards, which have been continuously worked on and improved over three generations now. The components are mainly used in control units and the measurement in heart-lung machines. Based on the ultrasonic transit time method, it is possible to realize various ultrasonic flow measurement systems that can then be used to control heart-lung machines or other medical devices.

em-tec enables various different customer-specific calibrations and adjustments to sensors and measurement boards so that they can be integrated into all kinds of devices. Especially the full compatibility to existing interfaces, bus connections and transmission reports is ensured through the close cooperation with em-tec's development department. Next to the technical integration of the measurement board, this also concerns the manufacturing of sensors which can be adjusted to different fields of application through the use of specific tools.

Every adjustment of em-tec's OEM product range of sensors and measurement boards is done in accordance with the relevant standards ISO 13485 and ISO 60601. When it comes to software, it is the norm IEC 62304 that serves as guideline. MDR ist planned. This ensures that components can usually be faultlessly and safely integrated into existing systems without any additional certification processes. After the successful adjustment, em-tec also takes care of the serial manufacturing of the requested configuration. All these processes are accompanied by a comprehensive quality assurance in close coordination with our quality management and the development department. This ensures that all relevant standards are adhered to at all times.



Various Customers

Contract Manufacturing

Sensors based on the ultrasonic transit time method as well as suitable measurement boards

Implementation Period

Individual adjustment within a few weeks

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