BioProTT™ FlowMCP

In addition to our non-invasive flow measurement system for laboratory suites, we offer a system platform for multiple and simultaneous flow measurement for GMP-oriented and industrial bioprocess technology in the form of our BioProTTTM FlowMCP. Depending on the version, it is possible to measure and monitor up to eight flow channels at the same time. Every BioProTTTM FlowMCP works in combination with our BioProTTTM Clamp-On Transducers.

With its space-saving design and convenient top hat rail mounting, the BioProTTTM FlowMCPs can be optimally integrated into the switch cabinet. Their full compatibility with all BioProTTTM Clamp-On Transducers also ensures that the BioProTTTM FlowMCPs can be used in existing systems and equipment within the industrial field. Through the MCPs and a Modbus-TCP log, the measured data of up to eight sensors is fed into the customer-specific process control system. This ensures, for instance, that, depending on the programming,  the pump speed or the valves are controlled.


For industrial applications within a switch cabinet:

- Flow measurement on single-use equipment
- Chromatographies
- Adding media at bioreactors
- Filtrations
- Fillings
- Process evaluation
- Upscaling
- Research
- Control of process equipment (depending on the incorporation of data)

Key Facts

Space-saving switch cabinet design

Seamless integration into existing systems

Full compatibility with all sizes of the BioProTTTM Clamp-On Transducers

Modbus-TCP log to feed data into the customer specific process control system (coming soon: analog interface)

Different BioProTTTM FlowMCP variants ranging from one to eight flow channels

Web interface to check sensor calibration and to zero the flow value

Linear adjustment of the pre-installed sensor calibration through a calibration factor



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